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When it comes to roofing contractors, you cannot make mistakes, and you should choose wisely. Why? Because roofers who lack experience or care little about doing a proper job is the last place you want to be spending money. Especially when it is about something that can undermine the integrity of your home. If you wish to turn to a dependable and experienced roofing and house renovation company in Eastsound, WA, you have a lot to gain by turning to us. Who are we? The answer would be no other than Salinas General Contractor LLC! What do we have to offer? Keep reading and find out!

About Our Services

With over a decade of experience in the trade, today Salinas General Contractor LLC specializes in delivering quality construction and roofing solutions to local property owners. We handle roof design, roof installations, roof repairs, and roof replacements, as well as construction and remodeling projects. For more information, check our Services page!

Construction Company

There When You Need a Construction Service

Whether you wish to enjoy having a sturdy, beautiful, and durable roof over your head or there is a room addition you have been planning for ages, our construction company can help. We will monitor all steps of the project and impress you with our time management skills.

About Our Work Process

Our desire to produce viable results at fair and reasonable rates for our clients in and around Eastsound, WA means we scrutinize every aspect of our work process. Doing so enables us to work with leading manufacturers and constantly upgrade our equipment. We provide free estimates upon request.

So, when you find yourself in need of a skilled and experienced construction and roofing contractor, turn to Salinas General Contractor LLC. We are based in Eastsound, WA, but there are many other areas we serve!

Grace Charles
Grace Charles
Our house renovation project turned out to be a major success and we couldn't have done it without the amazing team of professionals that worked on it! Their commitment, skill, and hard work made all the difference. We are incredibly grateful for their dedication in making our vision come alive with finesse - thank you!
Jack Leach
Jack Leach
Salina is absolutely brilliant when it comes to doing work quickly and professionally

Client’s Testimonial

by Steven M. Vincent on Salinas General Contractor LLC
The Finest Roofing Service

You are perfectly suited for the work that is required from a roofing contractor. Let's hope you never lack customers, as it would be a shame. More people need to know about your high-quality work, that's why I'm happy to be of help recommending you. Even my review that is written for three minutes makes a difference and you deserve it.

Salinas General Contractor LLC
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