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Salinas General Contractor LLC
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 11 reviews
by Steven M. Vincent on Salinas General Contractor LLC
The Finest Roofing Service

You are perfectly suited for the work that is required from a roofing contractor. Let's hope you never lack customers, as it would be a shame. More people need to know about your high-quality work, that's why I'm happy to be of help recommending you. Even my review that is written for three minutes makes a difference and you deserve it.

by Joanna H. Cole on Salinas General Contractor LLC
Awesome Work

You are second to none when it comes to everything that is related to construction works. I'm happy that I listened to the people who recommended your services and convinced me to give you a call. The end result is gorgeous, just the building that I imagined - completely fitting in. I will do the right thing and recommend you myself too.

by Javier M. Soto on Salinas General Contractor LLC
Worth Recommending

I'm recommending your services to anyone who is looking for a construction contractor. Also, it will be my pleasure to work with you again. And why I'm saying all this? Well, you were listening to my demands and you were always approachable when changes were needed on time. Thank you!

by Danita R. Pendergraft on Salinas General Contractor LLC
Exemplary Job

You are a true example of a high-quality job when it comes to construction service. Your job was pretty demanding and yet you managed to complete it with flying colors, as people like to say these days. What I'm saying is that your company gave great value for the budget I had. I will not forget it, and I will recommend your services.

by James V. Weber on Salinas General Contractor LLC
Great Customer Experience

I was having an awful experience with a construction company in the past, so I decided to do proper research this time. And I wasn't wrong. It turns out that this company has a very professional policy when it comes to employees, practices and everything else that guarantees high quality. I'm happy with the outcome and it was great customer experience.

by Natalie Porter on Salinas General Contractor LLC
thank you

Thank you so much for all the great work you did on our house. I will never be able to thank you enough! Please stay as down to earth and caring as you are now!

by Freddie D. Hughes on Salinas General Contractor LLC
Many Thanks

I'm so happy about your last visitation. You renovated the roof so quickly that I wonder if you're that good or the whole thing is super easy and only I can't comprehend it. Now I know that I can rely on you for a construction service in the future so expect a call soon.

by Sarah A. Snow on Salinas General Contractor LLC
Fixed the Leak

My roof was leaking and while the season was not promising heavy rains an all, it was good that the problem is solved. All the better that it was you that solved it. Your fantastic services are well known to anyone who had to look for a roofing contractor in the area. And rightfully so, as your work is top-notch.

by David L. Tarrant on Salinas General Contractor LLC
Superb Construction

I'm so glad that the construction service that I called you for ended successfully. My home has the right layout now and it's fully functional. That was something that I wanted to see one day and it's really great that you helped me out. You surely deserve five stars for your dedication and also I'll recommend you to friends.

by Bev M. Olsen on Salinas General Contractor LLC
Excellent Roofing

If you're looking for a roofing contractor, on the lookout for reviews and recommendations, here is one. You can mark my word that this company is the best in the area and you will do the right thing if you schedule their visitation. They will figure out what you need quickly and the end result will be amazing.

by William D. Ritter on Salinas General Contractor LLC
Excellent Work

Your construction service was amazing. The new roof that you placed looks excellently and the other features that you provided for our home too. And it's not only that, the result. The whole process was straightforward, no hassles. That has always been something I've been looking forward to. Thank you very much for your commitment and maybe see you for another project.

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